THE VILLAGERS brings you the best quality of A2 protein milk from our Indian breed cows that is fresh , raw and unprocessed.


Our Milk

The Villagers - A 2 Milk

Indian cow’s milk is the most nutritious food loaded with Proteins, Minerals, Healthy Fats and Vitamins. The components in Indian cow A2 Milk are so flexible and rich in vitamins that simply drinking milk can easily compensate nutritional component of a missed balance diet.
A2 protein helps fight against diseases & disorders like Joint pain, Obesity & Asthama.
It contains High levels of omega 3, which helps regulate the blood vessels.

Indian cow’s A2 Milk is rich in other elements like

Amino - 3 Fatty Acid- Improves Fitness & Vitality.
Cerebrosides - Helps in Brain Development.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)- Useful in fighting diseases like Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Attack.

Others benefits of consuming Indian cow’s A2 Milk

It is good for kidney.
It has amino acids which make its protein easily digestible.
It is a rich source of Vitamins like A, B2 and B3 which help increasing immunity.
Indian Cow Milk helps in reducing acidity.
Reduces chances of peptic ulcer.
Helps in reducing chances in colon, breast and skin cancer.
Indian cow Milk prevents the formation of serum cholesterol etc.